What makes us different?


UNESCO reports (April 2020) that, since the COVID-19 global pandemic started, 9 out of 10 children worldwide have had their school experience interrupted. 191 countries have closed their schools, affecting 1.5 billion children.

No country anticipated this disruption.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced the education sector to re-evaluate its approaches to learning. Flexible approaches are now being considered widely across the world as the pandemic has accelerated certain trends.

The future is uncertain. It does not need simple and fixed solutions that fit the parameters of today. It needs flexibility.


We believe that:

Education should be available to everyone, regardless of economic status

Where you are born should not influence the education you obtain. We are building a truly global platform across the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Depending on the student’s individual situation, GSM offers education in online, full-time brick & mortar or hybrid modalities